The Canoe Club


The North Bay Canoe Club is a non-profit organization providing lessons and coaching for all aspects of flat-water canoe/kayak recreational paddling and sprint racing. The Club has been in operation in the City of North Bay for 50 years. During the summer months there are many programs available for children, teens and adults of all levels and ages, including programs for youth with disabilities. Activities take place at the Club at Olmsted Beach on Trout Lake. Numerous paddlers from North Bay and surrounding areas have trained and participated in both recreational and competitive canoeing and kayaking programs that are offered by the Club. Each season, children and athletes participate in our programs, which include Canoe & Water Safety Camps, Day Camps, School Dragon Boat Challenges, Special Needs Dragon Boat and Sprint Racing Programs. Adult fitness and recreational evening programs are also offered. We promote team building, a healthy lifestyle and respect for the environment in a friendly recreational atmosphere that enhances the quality of life in our community.

North Bay is proud to have been well represented in Olympic competitions, Provincial, National and International events over the years by members of the North Bay Canoe Club. Names of note include Nancy and Barb Olmsted, Alison Herst, Julie Rivard-Marshall, Dan Howe, Scott Kerrigan, Graham Cobb and Geoff Hibbard, all North Bay citizens. It is estimated that in excess of 5,000 local youth paddlers have been introduced to paddling and have trained and participated in various canoeing and kayaking events in our city. The North Bay Canoe Club has always been self-supporting through the efforts of many dedicated volunteers and relies on community support to provide all of its programming. We also co-sponsor the North Bay Dragon Boat Festival with the Warriors of Hope by providing all technical, safety, judging and on-water support for this large community event.

The 2009 youth competitive team official picture