Team/Corporate Dragon Boat


This program is intended for local business or any group interested in forming a Dragon Boat crew for a summer. The program is geared towards learning to paddle a Dragon Boat and reinforcing team spirit. It is also a great workout exercise that is sure to lower your stress at work.

Interested teams could also participate in outside town dragon boat festivals if they want. The club could provide coaching if available for those events.

What is in Dragon Boat for your business?

Dragon boating is a fun team-building activity or a unique way to host clients. Participating in a dragon boat event can benefit your employees, co-workers and clients in numerous ways. Here are some examples:

  • Dragon boating creates an inclusive environment – people of all ages and fitness levels can participate
  • The nature of the sport emphasizes unity and working together
  • Driving toward the finish line renews energy, enthusiasm and motivation
  • Paddlers communicate by cheering each other on
  • The sport encourages leaders to move to the fore-front
  • Completing a race or training session develops a sense of pride and accomplishment among participants
  • Twenty paddlers in one boat = increased camaraderie

If you would like to hear more benefits of practicing dragon boat for your corporation or your group, click here.


  • Form a team of 14+ (Max 20) people
  • Team Captain is required to coordinate paddlers and payment
  • No previous Dragon Boat experience is needed
  • Participants must be 18 +
  • All equipment (boat, paddle, life jacket) is provided


  • This package includes up to two workouts a week
  • Session options are 4 consecutive Mondays or Wednesdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (depending of boats availability). We are very flexible and will consider customized session times/dates for your group.
  • Starting July 4th to August 31
  • End of season club festival for all NBCC dragon boat teams (pending sufficient participation)


  • $600 for 4 sessions
    • With a minimum of 14 paddlers, that works out to about $10 per session each!  Or $7.50 each with a full boat of 20 paddlers
  • Team Captain is required to coordinate paddlers and payment

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