War Canoe

July 20, 2015 661

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The energy of fifteen paddlers charging down the lake in an iconic Canadian boat is simply astonishing. Multiply that by nine lanes and you can see why this timeless demonstration of power and teamwork is a favourite race at the Canadian Sprint CanoeKayak Championships. Fourteen paddlers, each up on one knee, bring the war canoe to life on the water as they paddle with synchronicity and intensity. War canoe racing has a long and cherished history in Canada. Canada is the only country in the world to race war canoe and it is the focal point of the club system.

A war canoe race Is an amazing showcase of club pride as paddlers give it their all the entire way down the course. It is an even more amazing showcase to be a part of. Like other sprint races, up to nine boats line up in lanes and compete over distances of 200, 500 and 1000 metres. War canoe racing requires an exorbitant amount of effort and the finish line is always a place of exhaustion and jubilation.

We are excited to have a War Canoe Program again at the North Bay Canoe Club!  Our goal is to have a U17 Women’s, U17 Men’s, U17, Mixed, and Junior War Canoe. No previous paddling experience necessary.

The program will run Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00pm -8:00pm. Please note that 14 paddlers are required in each boat for the program to run. Participants must commit to attending EOD Qualifiers on July 29th and 30th and the CKC National Championships, if the boat qualifies, during the week of August 22nd to 26th (specific date to be announced sooner to the event).

Cost: $200 for the summer (+ travel expenses)

Dates and Times: July 4th to August 17th: Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00pm-8:00pm

For more information on the history of war canoe check out the CKC website

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